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A deadly funnel that revolves around an ever mutating and evolving moth grub. You’ll want 4-6 players, 15-20 level 0 characters, as it’s a funnel, but it works for levels 1+ (the worm adapts; don’t worry). 

THE grub has escaped and you have been charged by the God-Queen to bring it back to the hatchery, but this is a funnel after all… so stuff will inevitably go wrong and will likely be fatal.

The worm grows and grows and grows and grows. The growth unlocks new abilities for the worm grub, ranging from taking a snooze, to spraying caustic acid.

Its mutations don’t stop until it cocoons and becomes the Doombringer Moth. Scales will fall from its hallowed wings, and the god rays will immolate the kingdom.

As a player you’ll be trying to get the Worm / Grub / Juvenile Moth back to the hatchery. You will likely die, be sacrificed to the worm, fall into a sinkhole, or be trampled… because it’s a funnel.

As a Judge you’ll be harnessing the raw power of the grub as it mutates, and changes forms… until it becomes the kingdom shattering Doombringer Moth (unless the players stop it first). You also have access to the royal guard, the knightly orders, the worm-locks and worm-hawks, as well as some encounters.

It is also a setting that you could easily hack this into your own settings and games. Add the worm anywhere, use the God-Queen as an npc, or modify your fighter classes to be like the Knights and Sky Knights. Or just pull out the worm-hawks for use as mounts for your home game.

Written by Sean Christopher Charles Richer

Art by Scrap Princess

A5, Hardcover, 71 pages


Sean Richer
Orbital Intelligence
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