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A Night At The Tavern is a social adventure set designed to be fully system agnostic and playable with any and all TTRPGs (well, within reason). Take in a quiet night at The Soggy Dog, a small and sleepy tavern in a small mountain village on the border between two warring nations. But don't get too comfortable - assassinations, murders, thievery, scam artists, demon summonings, and the oncoming Storm threaten to make this a hell of a night to remember.

Realized over 4 detailed spreads, A Night At The Tavern utilizes the incredible character set in Beowulf's RPG Boss Monsters & Minion's Pack, and combines them with the deft hand of Raul Volpato's expert pixelbrush and Dee Pennyway's layout sorcery to bring you a wonderful little evenings worth of adventure and intrigue, bristling with character and that quirky Sandy Pug writing you know and love.


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A Night At The Tavern by Nem

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