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Do you like cats? HOLY CRAP I love cats too!
Thats so cool, we have so much in common!

This following comic is a short story about dealing with a terrible sadness, trying to come to terms with the loss of hope. It comes from a very tough time that I had.
It is 30 pages, full color, printed on Recycled paper for the cover, and Uncoated paper for the internal pages, so it has a bit of texture to it and feels real nice.

I've printed another 50 copies of this, because I was so moved by the kind messages from people who read it, I just want to be able to reach and connect with more good people.

I didnt intend on ever printing this one, really I didn't, but the past few months have been rough, and when that happens it can change your perspective on things.
So here we are, with a new printed comic, and it has made me very nervous, but we are stronger together, stronger for sharing.

I hope someone somewhere finds this helpful.


Joe Latham
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A Seed Named Hope by Joe Latham

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