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Alchemy & Music: sound, text, and vision is an initial look at some of the points of contact between alchemy and music. Common to both, at heart, is the view that the Cosmos (and all within) arises and moves in proportion and harmony. In understanding this deep interplay both alchemy and music work with their respective elements to make change in the world and to assist and guide in the soul’s ascent to the One.

Taking primary sources as entry points into this question, Greek harmonics, alchemical theory, theurgic practices, the intersection of the Elements, Planets, Pitch, and Vowels are explored. The point of this all is to identify a basis for a music to provoke profound change in this practice of ascent.

Included in this zine are instruction on how to make and use a monochord, a philosophical instrument.


Brian Cotnoir
Khepri Press
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Alchemy & Music: sound, text, and vision by Brian Cotnoir

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