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Long before the great disaster, before human beings began to evolve, the dread Elder Things ruled Terra A.D.

In order to further their scientific experiments and exploration, they created a race of amorphous, flying blobs to do their bidding. In time, these strange creatures grew resentful, more intelligent, and more resourceful. All at once, they erupted in rebellion, causing a great war between the two species. The Elder Things prevailed, but not without significant losses. Their civilization was almost entirely wiped out, yet a few, who were able to imprison their erstwhile servants, remained. Due to their weakened position, they were attacked by other enemies, who effectively sent their civilization into utter ruin. But not completely...

At the Mutants of Madness is an MCC RPG adventure designed for four to six 7th-level PCs. It concerns the retrieval of an artifact of mighty power that will ensure the safety of the seekers’ village. However, the terrors faced in retrieving the artifact are beyond anything the seekers have seen before, because they must pass through the Great Radiation Barrier into the Devil-Lands and beyond! Terrors from long before the great disaster, indeed, from long before the evolutionary rise of humanity itself, await!

Inside you’ll find:

  • Travel procedures and random encounters for the Devillands, from the Cronenbergian Croachlings to the water-stealing Silane Serpent.
  • The Great Radiation Barrier, an ever-fluctuating no-mans-land of strange occurrences.
  • Over a dozen keyed locations with merchants, factions, and unique encounters.
  • And more!

Forrest Aguirre (Writing)
Bradley McDevitt (Cover Illustration)
Brandon Yu (Illustration)
Jarrett Crader (Editing)
Stella Condrey (Layout)

24 pages, 8.5" x 11", saddle stitched, zine, color cover, black & white interiors. 


Space Penguin Ink
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At the Mutants of Madness (for MCC RPG)

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