ATTI: Korvu

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ATTI: Korvu
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A maritime nation of teak knights and living ships.


There is a hole in the ocean, between your prow and the horizon line. A wide, deep valley. The waves slope steeply down to the beach below.

Korvu belongs to the Sea. Its people live in a hole in the ocean. They farm the seabed soil and praise their goddesss generosity.

Then the storms come. The Sea drowns Korvu. The people take to their house-boats. They become roving traders, craftspeople, mercenaries. Their living war-barges are feared in every port.

Korvu belongs to the Sea. Its people are tenants, and must pay a goddesss ransom, annually. The Seas love is not free.

Korvu is an adventure setting inspired by Kelantanese boat-carving, Cambodian barges, and monsoons off the South China Sea. A rules-less, 44-page gazetteer filled with characters, court drama, and detailed black-and-white art. A founding myth of a maritime nation. Random encounter and magic-barge generators.

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