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The prophecy foretells an end to the sickness ruling this fair land.

Beware the Ides of March is a miniatures game expansion of betrayal, chariot racing, and goats for the bestselling Forbidden Psalm system. After procuring a rose for a jackass and defeating the King’s Guard, your little warband might think they’ve earned themselves a Roman holiday. But the times of terror are just beginning, and the winds of war have begun to blow. 

This epic zine contains:

  • New Scenarios to test your warbands, from leading the Ides Sheep through a gauntlet of ghosts to stopping the pharmakos ritual and ending the brutal leader who organized the whole thing.
  • Rules for chariot races, as well as environmental hazards like slippery sand, sheep ghosts, and flying spears.
  • Fiercesome foes, including the Mob, City Guards, and the mad dictator himself.
  • Fully compatible with all other Forbidden Psalm products and MÖRK BORG.

Will Rahman - writing and art and layout
jert! - editing
Roz Leahy - proofreading

16 pages, a5, saddle stitched zine, color cover & interior. 


Space Penguin Ink
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Beware the Ides of March (Forbidden Psalm Monthly #3, compatible with MÖRK BORG RPG)

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