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"For several years after college I didn't make any new comics being afraid that I didn't have anything to say. I also don't think I'm a very good illustrator. I started writing these comic strips after a break up. Feeling destitute at that time,I thought there wasn't anything more to lose so I might as well start making comics again. Shortly after that break up, a very close friend of mind passed away. I had never felt a loss so painful before in my life. After these events I had bouts of sobriety followed by struggles with alcohol abuse. 

These comics do not encapsulate all of those stories. They allowed me brief moments of levity in my sadness. "Little depression comics" is how I described them to people. They made me feel a bit better. I'd get a giggle frim them which was good enough. 

I then took another hiatus from making comics, thinking I didn't have anything to say again. I really couldn't think of what else to make that wasn't the same sad sack stories over and over again. They weren't funny anymore. instead they became disconcerting. The caricature started to look more and more unfamiliar. At this moment I am sober and done with them, and that feels good to me. "


Mark Conway
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Blark by Mark Conway

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