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The first boxing TTRPG about fighting in the grand Bone Bout, a tournament full of strange and interesting boxers in a world of skeletons! Inspired by classic games like punchout, each 1v1 tag team fight is features video-game esque boxing and unique flashy moves on top.

But that's not all, there's always a mystery afoot in the tournament to solve. People to investigate, the Black Bone Market to buy from, even learn amazing new Haymakers!

Bone Bout is a self-contained tool for any Referee to create a tournament to last the ages brimming with unique art!

Fight as a team, tagging in and out to destroy a variety of unique and interesting boneheads as you duck, dodge, dive and dodge to quick jabs in, storing Marrow as you save up for that final extravagant Haymaker!

Pick new Haymakers and sneak illegal items into the ring if you can, but try not to lose your head. Though no matter if you do, you can just put it back on again.

Outside the ring there's always a mystery afoot. Someone may have just been murdered in the locker room. Perhaps the prize money has been stolen. Maybe there's been a dreaded bonenapping.

Between bouts, you and your team of boxers must work together to solve mysteries in and around the ring, interrogating potential suspects, sneaking around the seedy underbelly of the bout, perhaps even climbing through the vents into the sealed of 'old changing rooms.'


Will Piddington
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Bone Bout by Will Piddington

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