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Bones Deep by David Schirduan
Bones Deep by David Schirduan
Bones Deep by David Schirduan
Bones Deep by David Schirduan
Bones Deep by David Schirduan

Product Description

Bones Deep is a tabletop RPG adventure of skeletons exploring the ocean floor. Built for Troika, usable anywhere. 120 pages, color interior, A5 digest book.

The Book Includes:

120 pages of underwater weirdness.

6 skeleton backgrounds, ranging from cute to creepy.

20 locations, each with a dozen encounters.

36 spells inspired by ocean phenomena.

50 creatures inspired by real deep-sea life.

5 adventures to kick off your campaign.

Straightforward underwater sandbox. No swimming allowed, no oxygen required, no extra math. As a skeleton, you can treat the ocean floor like an alien world and jump right in.

Emergent adventures. Every random encounter in Bones Deep aims to draw you deeper into the setting. Warring factions, clues to hidden treasure, terrible foes, cute pets, and nefarious mysteries all compete for your attention. The book includes 5 detailed quests to kick off your campaign.

More real than you’d imagine. It was written by a team of folks who were heavily inspired by real deep-sea life, including a boat captain and an underwater educator. We even wrote the real-world scientific names of creatures so players can marvel at the wonders of the deep.


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Bones Deep by David Schirduan

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