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Explore the Cerdo System with a bundle of pamphlet Adventures from Chirs Airiau.

  • The Great Crossing Heresies
    • Gothic horror in a spooky monastery
  • Burn the Vermin
    • A bug hunt onboard a space station
  • Snag the Suit/Evac the Exec
    • A corporate horror escape adventure
  • Snag the Suit/Evac the Exec Player Facing Map
  • High Water Everywhere
    • An Anaconda inspired hexcrawl
  • Folding Poster/Map
  • Patch

The Great Crossing Heresies

8.5”x14” Double Gate Fold Pamphlet

"High Sister of The Order of the Apostle’s Gate requires Broling Yann and his 35 monks and acolytes, the Defenders of God’s Gate. After an unsuccessful mission by her own people, she has sent you, non-believers, to convince Yann to bring his congregation to help save the main settlement from impending disaster."This is a gorgeous, double gate fold, 8.5"x14" minimal prep multi-session pamphlet adventure. It features haunting procedures, maps by Paths Peculiar, and a creature life cycle illustrated by Amanda Franck.

Burn the Vermin on TAMA-81 

8.5”x11” Tri-Fold Pamphlet

TAMA-81 eradicated their persistent xeno infestation. It took YEARS. Now, a wave of vermin has burst open on sensors…

This is a tri-fold adventure pamphlet for the Mothership Sci-Fi Horror RPG. It is a bug hunt crawl through a space station in the Cerdo System. It features a map, procedures, three creatures, and an npc. This pamphlet is playable with very minimal prep, so it is a great one-shot for first time Mothership players.

Snag the Suit/Evac the Exec 

8.5”x11” Tri-Fold Pamphlet

This is a minimal prep pamphlet adventure for the Mothership Sci-Fi Horror RPG. It takes minimal prep to run this module. It has a grid based map, escape procedures, two creatures, and an NPC.

The horror in this game was inspired by being more frightened of the basketball captain in s4 of Stranger Things than anything else. Growing from that fear of abuse of unwarranted authority, call this Fascist/ACAB Horror, or something like that.

This adventure is a companion pamphlet to Burn the Vermin on TAMA-8, both of which are starting adventures in the larger campaign setting of the Cerdo System. The idea for the bigger module is that the players can only choose one between these two adventures, and their choice impacts the outcome of events.

High Water Everywhere 

8.5”x11” Tri-Fold Pamphlet

Named after Delta Blues legend Charley Patton's song, this minimal prep pamphlet adventure is a river-travel hex crawl through the dangerous Slate River Delta. The goal? Recover a beacon that has washed up on the oceanic shores, and make it back to the Landing Zone alive.

This game includes:

  • 5 Boat Loadouts
  • 5 Delta Guide NPCs
  • 5 Environmental Encounter Tables
  • 5 Hex Horrors, and 7 other Delta creatures
  • Slate River Hexmap and Encounter-based travel procedures


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Cerdo Cycle by Chirs Airiau

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