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A Lost Valley Warded by Powerful Magic.
An Ancient Defender Awoken and Turned Destroyer.

An epic fantasy adventure for the 5th Edition of the world's greatest roleplaying game, for 3-5 3rd level characters

The last bastion of light and hope in a mist-covered accursed land, the Occluded Valley is threatened by an ancient colossus.

Can a stalwart group of adventurers traverse the divided valley and scale the Colossus before it leaves annihilation in its wake?

- Journey deeper into Boroz, a dread and mist-cursed land of adventure
- Perfect for new players and dungeon masters
- Designed to easily pick up and play at the table
- Key information all on the page

- A5 paperback, 300 gsm matt laminate cover, 130 gsm silk pages throughout
- 116 pages
- Evocative new spells and 8 terrifying new monsters
- Powerful magic items forged by gods and chaos
- A new elven subrace and cleric domain: Nightmare

Gather around the table with hearty companions and enter a thrilling world of adventure!

"There are at least three people writing good 5e adventures: Colin Le Sueur, MT Black, and Kelsey Dionne." -- Bryce Lynch,


Colin Le Sueur
Odin's Beard RPG
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Colossus Wake by Colin Le Sueur

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