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Crescent Moon by Ema Acosta
Crescent Moon by Ema Acosta
Crescent Moon by Ema Acosta
Crescent Moon by Ema Acosta
Crescent Moon by Ema Acosta

Product Description

Go on a strange journey into the patchwork world of the daydream in Crescent Moon ☾, a feelings-delving role-playing game of brave children and bold adventures.

Rules for crafting your own whimsical tale full of breathtaking landscapes and unlikely friends await inside. Delve in to uncover stories of daring deeds and fantastical creatures—of calm afternoon naps and of promises whispered under starlight.

Will you find a way to travel out of the daydream?

What dangers will your shadows seed in your path?

How will you grow and change from your journey?

Take my hand and close your eyes. Let’s find out together.

The game

A world shaped by dreams. Play in the daydream, a vibrant land carved out of patchwork dreams and full of whimsical, grim creatures.

Collect memories. Capture significant moments as memories, and use them later to uncover the daydream’s past, learn more about your friends, and unleash new powers and magic.

Non-violent play. Solve problems by making smart use of your tools and coming up with cunning plans, not by slashing your way in and out of adventures

An ever-shifting journey. Shape your playthrough by choosing a link type, each with its own themes to explore, worlds to craft, and special abilities to master. Will you traverse the daydream as a kind family, stranded survivors, radiant dreamers, or star-touched exiles?

Hand-drawn inventory. The objects you carry matter. Items, spells, and even conditions (like exhausted, or frightened) come in the form of physical, colorful cards for you to write on and make your own.


• 165 x 23 mm (slightly bigger A5)
• 60 pages.
• Ivory paper. Soft cover.
• Offset printing, 4/4 colors.
• Singer-sewn binding
Includes rules and tools for playing and running the game, four playsets, and support
for campaign-length play

Item Cards:

• Set of 3 sheets.
• A4 format.
• Printed on colored paper. 160gm/2
Three sheets of colored paper with readyto-cut items, conditions, and spells.


Ema Acosta
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Crescent Moon by Ema Acosta

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