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Once upon a time in a normal high school...

DAISY CHAINSAW is a game of magical girls, cosmic threats, and saving the world one episode at a time. Players roleplay as magical girls—teenagers with special powers living a double life. The transformation sequence is the split between a Main Character being a regular person and someone truly magical. The transformation sequence turns them into their magical persona, strong enough to deal with the big bad of the season. What happens to an MC when they transform can easily transfer to their everyday lives, whether that is a permanent scar or the horrifying ideal of discovery...

Create you very own Magical Girl in four easy steps!

  • Choose your weapon: from the titular chainsaw to bats, katanas, or magic microphones.
  • Pick a Quirk, something that gives your weapon a truly unique magical property. Defeat your enemies with the power of love and also spread bazookas!
  • Allocate your statistics: are you a natural charmer, a champion of the heart, a focused fighter, or a sheer powerhouse?
  • Choose your spells and abilities, signature moves like the Lumberjack Special, the Orbital Cannon, the Glitter Cannon, or the Fairy Bolt.

Charlotte Laskowski (Writing, Art and Layout)
Matthew Kay (Editing)

84 pages, a5, spiral bound book, color cover and interiors


Space Penguin Ink
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Daisy Chainsaw

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