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"And here is a trick more wonderful still: On a clear night, expose an image or text to the light of the Moon; the beams will capture the image and reflect it back onto the very surface of the Moon itself, where it may be read by someone expecting the wonder even at a very great distance. This is of great value for those besieged in a town or city, and is something Pythagoras often did. It is a secret still known by a few today, myself included."

Translated and introduced by Paul Summers Young

Cover Design by Alice Winkler

Second Edition

Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa's 'Three Books of Occult Philosophy' has exerted a fascination for centuries. Our new translation from the Latin of the 1533 edition aims to make this foundational work accessible to a new, wider audience. We will be publishing the text in three volumes, along with a fourth containing the apocryphal 'Fourth Book', and other magical texts by, or attributed to, Agrippa.

Volume One is Agrippa's treatise on Natural Magic, and describes how the elemental world we inhabit relates to the archetypal realm and the wonderful ways that contact manifests in the natural world, and within ourselves. It is also an account of how we cannot know the world by reason alone, but by experience and experimentation in a spirit of wonder. For Agrippa, the scientific and the magical have yet to part ways.

Hardcover bound in Absinth-Green Fedrigoni Imitlin
Measures 100x160 mm
336 Pages
120 gram black Endpapers
Printed on 115 g wood free, age resistant paper
Sewn Book Block
Black Bookmark and Headbands
Gilded on the front


Black Letter Press
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De Occvlta Philosophia. Vol. I - Natural Magic by Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa

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