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De Sorore Mystica, On the Sister Mystics, is an exploration of partnership in mystic, spiritual, alchemical, and/or artistic practice. More than a collaboration, the soror mystica is found throughout alchemical literature . First coined apparently by C.G. Jung in his alchemical writings, this partnership is more than the psychic projections of the alchemist.

This zine puts Jung’s psychological concept aside and looks at actual alchemical partnerships, from the Alexandrian alchemists Zosimos and Theosebia to the 17th century mystics Jane Lead and John Pordage, and considers the other meanings and possibilities that arise. And, from this, sketch an outline of the distinguishing features of this relationship towards a definition. Also considered in this zine are the relationships of Leonora Carrington, tantra, mirror neurons, the golem, Atalanta Fugiens, and a couple of recipes.

28 pages


Brian Cotnoir
Khepri Press
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De Sorore Mystica by Brian Cotnoir

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