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Product Description

Dead Letter Society is a journaling game where your letters drive the action. Choose your genre, build your world, and discover the joys of corresponding via a secret society with unknown motives. 

Dead Letter Society received an Honourable Mention in the 2023 Indie Groundbreaker Awards!


  • A vampire journaling game that adapts to your preferred play style and genre.
  • A letter writing game without the waiting. You've always something to do.
  • Tarot-driven and intention-based journaling. Decide what you'd like to do, then draw and answer a journaling prompt to develop the idea. 
  • Game variants for both solo and two-player games.
  • Six pre-generated settings and twelve characters with "first contact" letters designed to inspire your games. 
  • Settings feature:  Lovecraftian steampunk London, the Roman Republic and Empire, modern-day, "cosy" 1920's detectives, gothic, and the far-flung future.
  • 140 (A5) pages, illustrated throughout with original, tarot-themed, vampire artwork.
  • EPUB available.

You will need

  • 1-2 players
  • Safety tools of your choice
  • A place to write your letters and journal
  • A tarot deck or a method of generating random numbers.


Rori Montford
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Dead Letter Society by Rori Montford

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