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Two Clan Tango is a new town and adventure set in the world of Dungeon Grand Prix for levels 3 and above! 

Remember it’s not a race, it’s an adventure! And everything than CAN be in a kart, IS in a kart. 

The town of Suippes didn’t think twice when Dwarven prospectors asked to examine beneath the basements and roads—they were paying, after all.

Two Dwarven clans, each founded by a pair of feuding brothers generations ago, claim a legally enforceable mining claim on the land Suippes sits upon —both know what lies beneath.

Inside you may:

Explore the town of Suippes, complete with strange establishments and ever stranger residents. 

Encounter the two feuding Dwarven expeditions, their assassins, and convoys of karts!

Enter the Minor Miner (a Dwarven Mech, full of karts, appearing as a giant dwarf) 


  • Writing by Luke Gearing 
  • Editing by Fiona Maeve Geist (MRC)  
  • Layout by Dai Shugars 
  • Art by Sam Mameli 


Luke Gearing
Orbital Intelligence
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Dungeon Grand Prix : Two Clan Tango by Luke Gearing

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