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The Wastelander's Handbook - a player's guide to creating a character and delving into the Wastelands of the New World in Earth: After Death, the spiritual successor to Gamma World! This novel d20-based system brings the advanced systems and crunch of 80s and 90s TTRPGs back in a digestible and easy-to-understand format, guaranteed to be Crystal Clear*!

Contains everything you need to run your first games including:

  • 5 starting Strains of humanity, including Abandoned mutants, the eclectic Ghost machines, and just bog-standard humans.
  • Full lists for weapons, armour, and exploration items like gas masks.
  • A Level-Up system that uses Skill Points as well as intermittent Perks - just like Fallout!
  • A new easy-to-use tracking system for resources like food and energy, as well as an abstract ammunition system that makes gunplay feel crunchy without the busywork.
  • Over 100 mutations, rules of Stress and Rad accumulation, and bartering rules.
  • Contains the Overseer's Pamphlet to get GM's prepped for running games and dolling out rewards.
  • Rules for dungeon- and hex-crawling, including accounting for encumbrance, radiation, and more!


Brenden Carlson
Hammer City Games
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Earth: After Death Wastelander’s Handbook by Brenden Carlson

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