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ECO MOFOS!! by David Blandy & Daniel Locke
ECO MOFOS!! by David Blandy & Daniel Locke
ECO MOFOS!! by David Blandy & Daniel Locke
ECO MOFOS!! by David Blandy & Daniel Locke
ECO MOFOS!! by David Blandy & Daniel Locke

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Around two hundred years ago, everything went to crud. The wealthy, who created this mess, fraked off to Mars while the lucky ones hid in vast underground bunkers. We were left to fend for ourselves on the surface, eeking out an existence in the broken world they left behind, searching for remnants of a past world to help us survive, searching for a place to call home.

Play a group of misfits who have found each other in the wastes and ruins of the fallen world. The past is just a hazy legend, the story scattered over thousands of usb sticks and servers, but the future is there to be written.


RULES LITE GAMEPLAY based on Into the Odd and Cairn, a tried and tested system perfect for rulings-driven OSR/NSR/FKR gameplay. The text is entirely CC-BY-4.0, so remix and hack to make your own game. I'd love to hear about anything you create.

LIFE PATHS will your punk die during creation, or will they wrangle some handy skills? Don't push your luck! A fun mini-game, and a great start to an adventure.

NO-PREP ADVENTURES so you can concentrate on following the story at the table, discovering the world together. Uses randomised maps and tables to create dynamic scenarios as you play.

BURDENS Rather than gaining Fatigue, Punks gain burdens, filling their inventory with emotional baggage that has specific requirements to be removed, leading to all sorts of new scenarios and high-jinx.

ADAPTATIONS There's no levels, just adaptations, body altering substances and devices that trigger new potentials. Search for Key Items like Orbs and implants, and revel in the visions brought forth as they meld with your character's self.

LOOT There's so much of it- a massive d666 table of it for random bits and bobs, with more tables branching off that, sorted into sections so certain areas can have certain kinds of stuff. Who knows what they'll find?

VIBE Not Grimdark but Weirdhope, channeling weird and alternative scifi like 1980s 2000AD (Rogue Trooper, ABC Warriors, the wastes outside the Megacities), Star Wars: A New Hope, Ubik, Dhalgren, Stalker, Rogue Trader, Parable of the Sower, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, Door into Ocean, The Night Land and The Dispossessed.

SOLO MODE Extra rules to help you play ECO MOFOS!! as a SOLO MOFO!

THANK YOU to all our backers! Here's the updated pdf in full. The full colour version will be going to backers shortly.


Art - Daniel Locke is an illustrator, comic artist and zine maker with several internationally published works (Out of Nothing, Two Heads) who loves TTRPGs and creating weird worlds. Dan has been working with David on all sorts since they met at art school 20 years ago. 

Art - Aaron Cattoir is an artist, anti-capitalist and Ttrpg zine-maker who makes awesome stuff for awesome systems. He drew much of the art in the early version of ECO MOFOS.

Editor- IKO  is a writer and editor who publishes tabletop role-playing zines at The Lost Bay Studio and hosts a podcast about and with indie role playing game designers. 


Chris McDowall is the original creator of Into the Odd

With Elements from Bastards. Micah Anderson, Mausritter Isaac Williams, DURF Emiel Boven, Cairn Yochai Gal, Meteor David Lombardo, Mythic Bastionland Chris McDowall, 24XX Jason Tocci, Notes Nakade, Bite sized Dungeons blog Marcia B.


David Blandy
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ECO MOFOS!! by David Blandy & Daniel Locke

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