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Electric Mangrove
Electric Mangrove
Electric Mangrove
Electric Mangrove
Electric Mangrove

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A tropical sci-fi RPG setting in LP format.
A follow-up to Death Robot Jungle. 

A remote tropical swamp. Terraformed by hard-coded alien robots. Populated by mutated creatures, weird flora and hard-to-explain natural wonders. Overturned by acid waters and corrosive rains. Structures of old and new punctuate the landscape. But so do eels and pirañas. Too many of them, swimming and thriving in the charged waters of the ELECTRIC MANGROVE.

The LP gatefold doubles up as an impromptu GM screen, containing a map of the mangrove, procedures to run the setting, as well as tables for encounters, insect swarms and acid waters. Inside you will find an eight-page booklet containing detailed descriptions of the mangrove's creatures and inhabitants, its more important locations and two ready-to-play adventures/dungeons. 

The music narrates an imaginary exploration of the Mangrove, inviting players to immerse themselves in the sounds, smells, textures, flora, factions, and creatures that inhabit the tropical swamp. You may expect an exploration of tropical sci-fi realms and a blending of music from South America, the Caribbean, and Africa with bizarre elements, immersive sound design, and an abundance of analog synths. Prepare to encounter a fusion of genres, including psychedelic cumbia, bolero, funaná, raw funk, 70s electronic music, and experimental sound design.

Listen to the music by clicking HERE !

Music by The Dead Robotz.
Design by Guilherme Gontijo.
Art by Diarmuid Ó Catháin and Skullfungus.

Electric Mangrove is a system-agnostic setting in LP format for use with any traditional roleplaying game. Included is a vinyl with 10 tracks, a GM screen and an eight-page booklet with ready-to-play adventures.

1,000 copies limited run. We will NOT repress this record.


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Electric Mangrove

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