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Foul Play is a role-playing game for 2-4 horrible geese and one Goose Master. During this one shot the geese wreak havoc in a perfectly decent location—annoying victims, evading rivals and misusing a measure of items.

All in pursuit of some spiteful little goal: petty revenge or a juicy treasure.

In this pick-up-and-play role-playing game, mischievous geese are out to ruin someone’s day. Scratch that: everyone’s day.

Play as one of four spite-fueled birds—Shifty, Rowdy, Phony or Chonky—each with their own talent. Creatively use whatever items are lying around to sow maximum chaos. Spray people with the hose! Distract them with the radio! Players will sneak, honk, charm and scrap to steal a jar of jam or humiliate the hipster that looked at them the wrong way. 

So, do you want to be a naughty little goose and disturb the peace and quiet of some unsuspecting humans?
Of course you do. 


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Foul Play by Ema Acosta

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