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Come see our splendid cornucopia of Strange Men & Women from far and distant lands! Gathered from deep Jungles, Mountain tops, ancient lost villages and even the bottom of the sea! Or Ride our fantastic carnival carts and view the strange bewildering dioramas collected from the lore and facts found on our journeys!

"Lucian the Powerfuls Tremendous Tent of Monstrosity nestled in a small Florida town in October of 1963, soon after came the disappearances. Where was Clay? Or Barry the kind Feed Store worker? Or even the old woman down the street? They all seemed to vanish when that damned tent was put up. Vaughn and Lucinda believe the answers might be within the Tent of Monstrosities itself. Late at night, clipping the fence, the two venture inside. The true story of what happened on this blood-drenched evening comes alive in the pages and gameplay of Halloween Nightmares Horrorgame Magazine.

FREAKFACE!!! is a horror simulation experience. Unlike games that tend to aim for a perfect balance, FreakFaces main focus is delivering the terrifying experience that occurred on this Halloween night. Characters and situations are not balanced to equal one another but created to simulate the actual experience as it happened. The game begins slanted to the diabolic character, they will certainly destroy if fighting just ill prepared kids. Through the use of finding items, hiding or alerting possible neutral characters, the kids can possibly turn the tables on the diabolic plot. But there may also be a horrible realization that certain neutral characters are sinister themselves. The kids may not be able to trust anyone! It might be best to just escape! ESCAPE FROM THIS FREAKSHOW OF HORROR!

Freakface!!! is a tactical hex and counter game with each token representing an individual character. Characters have sheets with some individual stats related to speed, strength and will to live. The Teen can win if any of them escape the North, West, or East side of the map while hidden, or by killing the Carny.


265 x 220 x 10
Emperors of Eternal Evil
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Freakface!!! by Mat Brinkman & Charlie Fogel & Jochen Hartmann & Nate Hayden

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