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A cold wind blows from the North...

Whispers on the bitter gusts. Psalms of snow, ice, and death. Can your warbands survive these Scenarios and make it to summer?

Frozen Psalms is a miniatures game expansion of ice, death, and catchy songs for the bestselling Forbidden Psalm system. After defending their forest home in Cloth Goblins, hunting fiendish creatures in Dread Nights, and surviving brutal matches of MÖRK BOLL, your little warband might think they’ve earned themselves a holiday vacation. But the snow hides many terrors, and in the coming blizzard you’ll need fire, steel, and more than a bit of luck to make it home safely.

This chilling book contains:

  • Five new scenarios to test your warbands, from a salvage mission on a derelict ship trapped in the ice to a fun, friendly snowball fight. 
  • Detailed rules for Blizzards and Hypothermia, as well as environmental hazards like ice floes, freezing pools, and shifting glaciers.
  • Fiercesome frozen foes, including Winter Trolls, Living Snowmen, and the Snow Queen herself.
  • Fully compatible with all other Forbidden Psalm products and MÖRK BORG.
  • And more!

Will Rahman - writing and art and layout
jert! - editing
Roz Leahy - proofreading

16 pages, a5, saddle stitched, zine, color cover & interiors. 


Space Penguin Ink
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Frozen Psalms (Forbidden Psalm Monthly #1, compatible with MÖRK BORG RPG)

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