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In the original ten volumes of the “Equinox”, Aleister Crowley succeeded in synthesizing the aim of religion and the method of science. Israel Regardie’s selections in “Gems of the Equinox” make a volume that is invaluable to readers, students and adepts. It includes material on Crowley’s magical order, magical rituals, yoga, invocations and sex magick, among many other topics. “Gems from the Equinox” is a unique resource that serves as a veritable textbook for the magickal orders AA and O.T.O.Although it is written for the advanced practitioner, beginners will gain much from its many pages of wisdom, including yoga postures and breathing techniques, ceremonial rituals and meditations, an Enochian magick primer, and “The Book of the Law”. In “Gems from the Equinox”, Israel Regardie’s selections of Aleister Crowley’s writings synthesize the aim of religion and the method of science, making it invaluable to readers, students, and adepts. “Gems” is a must have for every student of Occultism, Mysticism, Thelema, Magick, and comparative religion.


Aleister Crowley
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GEMS FROM THE EQUINOX by Aleister Crowley

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