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Product Description

Goblin Errands is a no-prep RPG for 2 to 4 goblins and one Tall Person. Together you'll struggle to complete seemingly mundane tasks for your community.

Buying vegetables at the market or procuring the services of a local wizard to get your wise leader unstuck from his chamber pot become tricky if you live in a world made for folk much bigger and stronger than you.

And on top of that you have only a single Braincell to work with and one that you have to share with your fellow goblins. Even otherwise ordinary, everyday tasks turn into hilarious misadventures.

Key Features

52 full-color pages

8 different goblin playbooks:
The Rowdy, the Rascal, the Whiz-Wart, the Rambler, the Ratter, the High-Speaker, the Square and the Nibbler

6 goblin body stats: Hands, Legs, Eyes, Mouth, Frame, and Heart

D6 based complication-friendly resolution system

Single, shared Braincell mechanic to reward silly and funny ideas

Errand generator to enable no-prep play

A5 staple-bound zine

52 interior pages (80g)

4 cover pages (170g)

About 80g total weight

Full-color print

Printed on FSC-certified, recycled paper


Martin Nerurkar
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Goblin Errands by Martin Nerurkar

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