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My newest book! Behold! 52 pages of sweet nostalgic melancholy!

This is the tale of a small Blue Bird who cannot fly yet dreams of leaving the valley.
This is Part 1 of what will be a 5 or 6 part series.

A5, Full Colour throughout, 52 pages. Recycled paper for the cover, uncoated paper for the internal pages, so it has a nice finish and feel to it.
I sold out of this at The Lakes Comic Art Festival recently and this is the last of my stock for now. I will probably reprint if there's enough demand.

"Back then, everything was so simple and sweet. I had my family, my friends and my dreams, and together we lived lightly. We enjoyed the forest, thankful for everything it provided, until it provided something that changed everything."


Joe Latham
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Haru - Part 1 by Joe Latham

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