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Jahtima is a lightweight TTRPG for hunting monsters in Early Medieval Northern Europe.

This is a game of landscapes and creatures, set in the late Iron Age of the far North of Europe in a mystical place called Põhjala. This is an age where humanity is struggling to separate itself from nature through the rise of agriculture and early industry. The humans of this era are terrorised by beasts, manifestations of the natural world itself that are fighting back against this taming of the wilderness by humanity. In this game you play as human hunters, attempting to protect your community and survive in this harsh world.

This game describes the four main stages of the hunt each with its own unique mechanics. Starting with Divination, the stage of ritual and offerings used to connect with the gods and glean what may be to come. Tracking where your hunters traverse the vast landscape seeking tracks, signs, or trails of the beast they follow. Stalking where your prey is in sight and you must move carefully and cautiously before you engage. And the final stage is, Striking where hunters confront their prey, engaging them face to face.


Calvin Scherer
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Jahtima by Calvin Scherer

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