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Liminal Horror is a rules-lite, adaptable modern horror roleplaying game about normal
characters and their struggles against the things that go bump in the night. Pairing a quick,
simple ruleset with a haunting atmosphere of investigation and survival, its a rules-lite,
fail-forward system about investigators navigating a modern world of terrible and unknowable

For fans of Junji Ito, John Carpenter, Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Call of Cthulhu, Monster of the
Week, or Silent Legions but wanting rules-lite adaptable system. It is a modern horror hack of
Yochai Gal's Cairn (Into the Odd + Knave).

Gameplay: Fast and simple rules (the summary fits onto a single page). There are 3 stats
(Strength, Dexterity, Control) and players makes saves when there is a risk of failure. Rolling
equal to or under is a success. There are not rolls to hit (damage is dealt automatically).

Stress & Fallout: Play deals with horror themes. This is represented mechanically by Stress
and Fallout. Fallout is how characters are changed encountering horrors. The design avoids
using mental illness and trauma as game-play mechanics.

Wounds: A new system for detailing the lasting physical effects of injuries, including locations
and severity.

This new updated edition contains:

  • A simple, easy-to-learn system (rules summary fits on a single page!)
  • Cleaner layout
  • Clarified text
  • A new Wounds system
  • New Archetypes for quicker character creation
  • Tools to align the focus more on “modern horror” than “cosmic horror”
  • All physical copies include a Liminal Horror character sheet bookmark!
  • And more!


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