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Your people have lived in your Haven for a thousand years. It protected you. The experience changed you. Now the Haven's doors must open. What will you find up there on the surface? How has the damaged world healed? Do you have what it takes to survive?

LONE EONS, the solo iteration of Lost Eons, is a Science Fantasy Solarpunk journaling game for one player, using dice and a pack of standard playing cards to create problems and opportunities for you to explore.

With new unique art by illustrator Daniel Locke, funded by many supported during ZIMO 2022!

Lost Eons is designed to help see our climate reality and high fantasy afresh, experiencing and describing a new world for the first time.

YOU DECIDE WHAT HAPPENS Procedures help to set the scene, and embody the world of Lost Eons, offering a space for play, but feel free to change, augment and twist the prompts to make the world you want to inhabit.

FICTION FIRST Think about your actions rather than refer to statistics. Describe the situation and then decide how to tackle any test.

Rulings not rules There are rules to cover certain situations, but let the narrative lead the action.
POSTHUMAN Lone Eons is a journaling roleplay game (RPG), played by taking on the roles of a post-human character in the deep future. This book is a remix of the Lost Eons Player’s Guide, repurposed for solo play.

CARDS AND TABLES Cards and prompts set the scene  helping to outline the flora and fauna you encounter, and the world around you. Always interpret to prompt in a way that makes sense for your story. Take a different card if it really doesn’t fit.

DICE AND LUCK As the game continues, there will be moments of difficulty and tension. When there is something at stake, roll dice to see what happens, to test if your character is skilful or unlucky.


David Blandy
David Blandy
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