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Marching Order Quick and Dirties
Marching Order Quick and Dirties
Marching Order Quick and Dirties
Marching Order Quick and Dirties
Marching Order Quick and Dirties

Product Description

Marching Order Quick and Dirties are short, no nonsense adventure delves that fold out into a 6 panel poster. Get in, pillage what you can, and try to get out alive, all in a single session. From escorting knight to robbing wizards, they’re great for a quick game night treat. Oh, and don’t worry- just like any Marching Order delve, they have plenty of bullshit.

* You need the core set to play this delve.

#1 Return to the Decaying Manse

Headmeister Dunberger Geiterheim is covered in scratches and questionable stains. Sure, it could be mustard, but judging from the state of the man, that’s not your first guess. Apparently, he was attacked by wererats in the old Decaying Manse and he blames you! The Headmeister wants you to go back in there and clear out every last wererat so he can return to his favorite brewery. You’re not sure how you got into this mess, but at least he’s offering to pay.

Get your gear and get ready, Rogues- we’re going back to where it all began. This adventure through the Decaying Manse will take you back down that old familiar hallway, but don’t get confused- a lot has changed since the last time you were here. Oh, and if you think Dunberger is telling you the whole truth, you have another thing coming.

#2 Pendulus PIllaged

“The 9th house of Gyridon has intersected the Plane of Burning Retribution! Repent, oh humble servants of Rotbottom. A cosmic shift of sizable substance is at hand. Those that slumber shall awake with ill intent. I have seen this and many other things. The Unseen Realm prepares for the arrival and the far cosmos weep for us, breaking their eternal stoicism. There is no future past the present, which burns before us!”

The wizard Pendulus Startalker is really on a tear again. He is standing in the town square without his pants on, screaming at anyone that will listen. If he’s out here, though, who is back at his house watching the rest of his stash? Looks like it’s time to pillage a wizard’s house!

#3 Protecting Sir Grumpferd

There isn’t much in the realm of work this week, so you’ve begrudgingly agreed to protect Sir Grumpferd on his journey. He is indeed the most famous knight in Rotbottom, as everyone knows what a pain in the ass he is. He’s paying in coin, however, and gods know you need it. According to the knight, it’s just a short walk through the woods. How bad can it be?

Except that there’s something that Sir Grumpferd isn’t telling you and there are a lot of angry goblins trying to kill him. What should have been a simple walk in the woods is quickly turning into a major pain in the ass. To make matters worse, Sir Grumpferd is a bigger danger to your Rogues than the Dire Wolves. I guess there’s no such thing as an easy delve, huh?

#4 The Priory of Red Peitor

“Oh, aye, we escaped with our lives, but not much else. Most of us only suffered bruises and scratches, but poor Brother Julbert has lost his mind and now draws strange symbols with his own shit! I weep for my brothers! This is the work of a great evil, come to rally against Jillum, our God of Light.”

Three nights ago, around midnight, the monks from the Priory of Red Pietor came running out of the woods, screaming of demons and devils. Such behavior is common enough on a Tuesday, but they seemed to be stone-cold sober. There’s been a lot of blathering since then that the mad Prior has allowed unclean things to take up residence in the small building.

None of that concerns you, however.

What does concern you is that the priory has pretty much been abandoned with all its riches still inside. It’s a shame to let it all go to waste, innit? So get your gear together and explore what secrets the brothers left in the woods.

#5 Let Me Out

“Thank you for coming. Do you want a drink? Ah, of course you do.”

Madame Toadlicker decants a foul-smelling liquid from a blue, glass pitcher. The good madame is well known for three things in Rotbottom: being a powerful psychic, running a questionable boarding house, and being able to outdrink 90% of the population. An ethereal mind and a gut of iron; it’s quite the combination.

“I’ve run the House of Fading Flowers for over a decade, since I bought it from its previous owner. I’ve gotten used to my strange boarders and other… guests. One of my tenants, Dr. Alinger Crawful, recently vacated the premises. His rent was unpaid, of course, but I expected that. What I didn’t expect is that he left something behind. I haven’t been able to clean the place out because of the whatever-it-is lurking in the walls.

Take care of this for me, my dears, and I’ll pay you 300 coins. Oh, and I’ll talk with the spirits about your psychic maladies. Looking at the state of you all, I’m certain you have some flaws that need removing.”


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Marching Order Quick and Dirties

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