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Prepare yourself for a journey of terror and intrigue on the far-flung moon of Bodhisattva 2a. Nirvana on Fire: Expanded Edition, the newest addition to Magnum Galaxy Games Mothership RPG has arrived!

This 36-page adventure is packed with the sci-fi horror elements players love - there’s out-of-control biotech, Machiavellian scheming, and a revolution bubbling just below the surface. But beware, the danger doesn't stop there. Your crew will also face off against a murderous AI that thinks itself a Buddhist deity while seeking to unravel a DNA-melting mystery that threatens to consume everything in its path.

Nirvana on Fire: Expanded Edition takes everything you love from the original and builds it into a masterpiece of art, design and adventure.  Whether you're a fan of the first edition or just looking for a fresh take on sci-fi horror, this adventure is sure to satisfy.

So gather your prayer beads and get ready to take on the horrors of Nirvana on Fire: Expanded Edition. Will you survive the machinations of the AIs and uncover the truth behind this bubbling cauldron of calamity, mayhem and mystery? Only time will tell.

Nirvana on Fire: Expanded Edition Includes

  • 32 pages of wall-to-wall adventure content (more than double the original book) including two entirely new, bonus adventures. 
  • Sleek, functional, and gorgeous layout from Eric Hill brimming with original full-colour art from Jéromê Berthier.
  • Expanded lore including a timeline of the founding and downfall of Siddhartha's Peace and details on the nefarious plans of Straylight LLC. 
  • Streamlined adventure content with professional editing from Roz Leahy and cultural consulting from James Mendez-Hodes. 
  • Two factions locked in a deadly civil war each with its own cast of conniving NPCs.   
  • A bespoke Mothership character sheet and character class, The Acolyte, made especially for adventures on Bodhisattva 2a. 
  • Random tables for loot, encounters, mutations, and heretical prophecies. 
  • A Warden’s quick reference screen and printable maps for your home or virtual tabletop. 

Reviews from the RPG Community

Nirvana On Fire was already a classic first-wave Mothership book, and now with the updated art and layout, I think it’ll be an evergreen title for years to come. Highly recommended.” - Sean McCoy, creator of Mothership

Nirvana on Fire brings not only an intriguing and terrifying situation to put your players in the middle of but also offers an opportunity for reflection! Excellent module! Goes above and beyond!” - Diogo Noguiera, Best Adventure Ennie Gold Award

“A transcendentally sublime sci fi sandbox. This module has freed itself from material bloat and is clearly designed to make its way into play.” - Tony Vicinda, Plus One Exp “This new Mothership zine about a haunted space monastery has incredibly sexy layout (ultramodern but colorful, think Mirror's Edge), rich monastic intrigue and creepy prophesies. Check it out!" - Ian Yusem, producer of Hull Breach


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Nirvana on Fire: Expanded Edition by D. Kenny

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