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A5. 12 pages, staple-bound softcover. Full color. New.

"This new Mothership zine about a haunted space monastery has incredibly sexy layout (ultramodern but colorful, think Mirror's Edge), rich monastic intrigue and creepy prophesies. Check it out!" - Ian Yusem, author of "Moonbase Blues". 

The power station on the moon Bodhisattva 2a is nearing the end of its lifecycle and without it, the small Zen colony established there will freeze to death. Abbot Benz-Shiroyuki requests aid. He is willing to give over salvage rights to the decommissioned and heavily damaged terraforming tower at the top of the space elevator to any willing to print a working power converter in the Manufactory and deliver it to the colony. 

The catch? In his post, the Abbot neglected to mention that the tower’s AI, Aishi, believes itself to be a manifestation of the deity Mahakala, lord of time, death and destruction who doesn’t take kindly to intrusions into its sanctum. 

Nirvana on Fire is a licensed, third-party supplement for the Mothership RPG that contains everything you need for a night of horror among the stars. It has been carefully designed to provide GMs with an efficient, table-ready document that is low on fluff and high on utility so you can get down to gaming. This module can be easily tied into an existing adventure, stand on its own, or become the start of something new. Whatever you do, make it your own and have fun.  

What's inside? Everything you need to run a horror-tinged, sci-fi exploration including:

Two unique and vibrant locations; Mahakala’s Terraforming Tower and the Moon Colony of Siddharta’s Peace, each with their own possibilities for ongoing intrigue.  

Alternate starting conditions geared for either one-shot or mini-campaign play.

An array of original monsters and NPCs including the unstable, bio-technical horror the Avatar of Mahakala. 

A bonus scenario generator in case anyone survives.


D. Kenny
Magnum Galaxy Games
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Nirvana on Fire first edition by D. Kenny

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