Occult Psaligraphy

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Occult Psaligraphy

The Hidden Art of Paper Cutting

By Hagen von Tulien

Book design by Tyann Prentice

Sewn hard-cover in foil-stamped dust jacket

126 pages, papercut illustrations, ( 4� ) 8.75 x 11.25

English and German Language Text

Over a Hundred Papercut Designs

Artist Introduction

Quality bookmaking for beauty and longevity

With more than thirty years of intense magical theory and practice, the artist has specialized in creating art as an expression and manifestation of magical states of awareness and its use as an esoteric tool. In Occult Psaligraphy Von Tulien expresses these magical states in a series of over 100 papercuts.

This bi-lingual text in English and German, includes introductions by the Artist and publisher William Kiesel, who speaks to the practice of papercutting in diverse esoteric traditions worldwide, including China, Japan, Mexico, Europe, Indonesia and America.

Von Tuliens papercuts show a superior quality, the line work, fluidity and design elements reflect experience with both graphics and occult symbolism. The papercut images Von Tulien creates with his scissors are functioning sacred diagrams, Veves and potent effigies whereby congress with the spirit world may be actuated.

Amalgamations of eyes, serpents, horns, skulls and other sigillic devices, these scissor-cuts become embodied vessels of power. They assist the practitioner in concentration, may be used in meditation or evocation, or as objects of talismanic effect. Like the emblem books of the Renaissance the Occult Psaligraphy is rich in iconic symbolism. The devices of esoteric tradition are recondite and explicit and the entities present are no less corporeal to the eye.

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