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The year is 3032. You are part of a special task force gathered by the megacorp Takahashi Advanced Genetics, often referred to as 'The Company. One of their chief researchers has failed to respond to her last two check-ins. Since then, no one at the company has been able to raise her nor any of the personnel housed at the research facility. 

PRIMEVAL is an adventure module for the Mothership sci-fi horror RPG set on the jungle moon of Ur in the distant Eridani solar system. Players have been gathered to find out why 'The Company' has been unable to reach their contacts at the Shen Kuo Research Facility. They'll trek through the dangerous underbrush of Ur's megaflora, discover weird fauna, and encounter survivors of the aftermath of whatever horror occurred on Ur.

The 52-page Primeval Adventure Module PDF (Single Pages and Spreads) includes...

Campaign Integration tools

A short hex-crawl through a dangerous jungle

A facility-crawl through the Shen Kuo Research Facility

A handful of NPC's

10+ new megaflora and fauna

10+ new items

Creature Generation tables

Also included are supplemental resources:

Warden Maps

Player-facing maps and handouts


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