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Strap on your bearded axe and linden wood shield, delve into the forsaken barrow and cleanse the draugr within. They will overwhelm you at first so prepare to die. But when you wake up at the bonfire, you'll know what to expect for your next attempt. Parry their attacks, disarm them, and hack them to pieces. Defeat the undead within and claim the soul remnant they protect.


Runecairn is a Norse fantasy tabletop roleplaying game written and designed by Colin Le Sueur and inspired by games like Dark Souls and Elden Ring. Based on lightweight new school revolution (NSR) systems Into the Odd and Cairn, Runecairn is designed for 2 players, one GM (the Warden) and one player (the Adventurer).

Runecairn Wardensaga Remastered is an 84-page full-colour hardcover filled with black and white and colour illustrations depicting the Norse fantasy world of the Nine Realms.

This book contains everything you need to run the game, from a quick one-shot, short dungeon delve, or epic campaign, including:

  • Streamlined d20 roll-under rules based on Cairn and Into the Odd.
  • Soulslike mechanics such as resurrecting at bonfires, respawning monsters, and dynamic combat.
  • Quickstart dungeon crawl adventure Beneath the Broken Sword, perfect for new GMs and players.
  • 4 standard backgrounds: the hearty Warrior, nimble Scout, cunning Seer, or spirited Skald.
  • 2 new advanced backgrounds: the devastating Berserkr and fiery Pyre.
  • Solo play with a rune-based oracle.
  • Delve generator for randomly creating dark fantasy dungeons.
  • Drop-in additional players for jolly cooperation or player-vs-player invasions.

What's different in Wardensaga Remastered?

  • Sleek new layout, making it clearer to read and play.
  • Tightened up and clarified mechanics, to better convey to new players and GMs.
  • Brought in new mechanics introduced in the Runecairn Bestiary like toxic and dismembered status effects.
  • Provided answers to common questions like "how do I increase mead flask sips?", "what do rare items mean?", and "where should I place bonfires when playing solo?".
  • Brilliant new colour and texture for the illustrations, alongside all new illustrations like the dwarf and lindworm.
  • Typo and corrections pass to squash those bugs once and for all.

Writer/Designer: Colin Le Sueur

Standard Cover Illustration: CROM

Variant Cover Illustration: Annemieke van Barlingen


Colin Le Sueur
Odin's Beard RPG
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Runecairn Wardensaga Remastered by Colin Le Sueur

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