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When the bustle, toil, and horrors of Troika become unbearable, weary metropolitans flee to this elysian ideal, where the air is filled with the sweet chirping of sun-bats, the soothing drone of lawnmowers, and the dreamy siren-chime of the Fiesta Shopping Center, calling on loyal citizens to make their weekly pilgrimage. Happy families oblige, carried aboard their Fiesta Scuttlebugs between endless rows of pastel-colored domiciles. Schoolchildren frolic around the colorful playground at Empyrean Park, while elders take their loyal Yardbeasts out for leisurely strolls. Neighborhoods are kept safe and pristine, thanks to the loving, round-the-clock monitoring of the Viridian Maids and the efforts of the heroic Friendly Neighborhood Watch. Cynics and provocateurs enjoy spreading rumors of  political turmoil, the occult, and nightmares made real, but try as they might, nothing can stifle the warm and blissful radiance that is Suburbian life. 

Suburbia: The Envy of A Million Spheres! is a 72-page Setting for Troika! In addition to a tongue-in-cheek surrealist suburban setting heavily inspired by Earthbound and The Simpsons, Suburbia includes:

-12 New Backgrounds!

-New Spells!

-New Items!

-A Bestiary containing over 30 New Monsters!

-Hand-Made Clay Artwork!


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Suburbia: The Envy of A Million Sphere

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