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A crumbling tower hides on the Sunbroke Sea. The last relic of the second sun in our world. Sail out on the full moon and reflect its light with a golden mirror. Follow the trail to its end and enter the Sun King's Palace.

What is The Sun King's Palace?

The Sun King's Palace is a dungeon crawl unlike any other. Explore an ancient, elven palace that has fallen into the Abyss, talk to the weirdos that inhabit it, and uncover its many secrets...

Fully statted for OSR/adjacent games and each statblock has page numbers for the 5e Monster Manual.

If you're looking for a dungeon with a focus on roleplaying, conversation, and exploration, The Sun King's Palace will scratch those itches.

The Team:

Writing and Layout by John Battle
Additional Writing by Emma Levin
Cover Art by Alec Sorenson
Interior Art by Evlyn Moreau and Thomas Novosel 

196 pages, 5.5" x 8.5", color cover, black and white interior, perfect bound book. 


John Battle
Project NERVES
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