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This is the first time I've had this together as a collected volume!
This book has all three chapters, The Fox, The Wolf & The Woodsman, together in a single book, the way it was intended.
In total it's a 128 pages, printed on Recycled Uncoated paper (it's a satisfying GSM, trust me).
I also recoloured the final chapter slightly to bring it more in line with how I intended from the start.

I only have a very limited number of these. 47 in fact.
So if you're interested, please don't wait to order as they should sell out pretty quickly.

For anyone new to the party, this book is a silent comic (meaning it has no dialogue) so it is suitable for all languages and reading levels.
It is a tale about some adorable animal inhabitants of a magical forest, and their fight to survive a clash between humanity and nature.
It features some mild peril.

I will do a small drawing inside each copy that I sell.


Joe Latham
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The Fox, The Wolf & The Woodsman by Joe Latham

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