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Product Description
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Kidnapped! The party have been plucked from their dreams by the demon bird THOG and trapped in his nest at the top of an ancient miles-high statue towering above the temple quarter of Troika. Can YOU escape from THE HAND OF GOD?

The Hand of God is the second book in our new series of “1:5 Troika Adventures”. Oozing with adventure, soaked in danger, a return to the rotten roots of British fantasy gaming!  

•    A traditional pointcrawl.
•    An emphasis on treasure, social encounters, and factions.
•    Fourteen locations.
•    Two dungeons.
•    One giant statue!

For use with TROIKA! The Science Fantasy RPG

Written by Mike Knee
Illustrated by Andrew Walter


Mike Knee
Melsonian Arts Council
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The Hand of God by Mike Knee

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