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Twelve Years is a "solo+ rpg." There is no Game Master and it is designed to be played with one or more players.

Twelve Years may be played cooperatively, competitively, or parallel.

Every twelve years, the Lich King rises from his slumber and awaits his coronation. Prophets have warned that if he is not crowned, he will leave the Sunken Castle of the South on a rampage leading his skeletal minions razing the known world. Each player is tasked with assembling a party of adventurers, finding a crown, and completing the coronation ritual. I would say good luck, but that is likely false hope. Failure and death are the most likely outcomes. Be warned.

Each zine is 44 pages printed on 105 gsm paper with handprinted metallic green ink on black cardstock covers, and saddle-stitched with metallic green staples.


Max Moon
Max Moon
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Twelve years by Max Moon

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