World War III

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World War III

The greatest horror has begun, life does not know its fate.

Man has chosen the war of nightmares. The will of Unions and Nations advance into a global inferno, aiming for survival and supremacy.

WORLD WAR III. Dont do it! Find another way, but first we need to battle! To see. What might World War III be like?

2 to 7 players battle as the will of Unions and Nations to gain the most value in territories. Nukes may be launched, Technologies can be advanced, Nations may be Allied and Pacts can be made but only one player can claim Victory!

Each player takes a one of seven major nations or unions, USA, N.A.T.O., Russian Federation, China, Arab Union, African Union, or Union of South American Nations.

Each nation/union can take one action, ranging from taxation, building military might, Diplomacy in hope of gaining the aid of other nations, Technology to further options, campaigns of War, or to Nuke opponents.

Players can create Pacts and work together against their enemies, and in advanced play involve ISIL combatants and North Korea.

Play continues in a clockwise fashion until a certain number of turns or a determined amount of time is complete.

Will we survive to see a world at all?

Blatantly inspired by the games of Larry Harris, Martin Wallace and Joseph Miranda. Blast City's World War III delivers an all night romp for friends to decide the end of the world, or see the superpowers that remain.

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