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The Key to the great divinatory Kabbala of the Magi

Translated by Jennifer Zahrt phd

Introduction by John Leary

Book design by Joseph Uccello

Sewn hard-cover in letterpress dust jacke

178 pages, folding plate, ( small 8� ) 4.25 x 7

Folding Plate of the Urn

Beautiful engravings and charts

Historical Introduction

Quality bookmaking for beauty and longevity

A product of 18th century European interest in occult methods of divination, Zoroasters Telescope combines astrology, angelology and numerology into a unique system of practice. The book describes how to make the hexagonal pieces for the system and provides multiple ar- rangements for reading and interpretation. Several beautiful engravings, including a folding plate of The Urn, explicate the process.

First English Translation of an intriguing Astrological Oracle Book


Ouroboros Press
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Zoroaster's Telescope

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